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ESOL Instructor
Sept-Dec and Jan-March
T/W/TH Evenings 6:30-9:30
Paid prep and meeting times

General Statement of Duties:

The ESOL instructor prepares lessons and provides group instruction to adult learners on designated evenings (6:30 -9:30 pm). He/she also monitors student progress, maintains required program records, and attends all required program meetings and events.


  • Read and understand the MVALP Staff Handbook and the MVALP Curriculum Guide, which speak to the Program’s mission, goals, vision, approaches, and overall design.
  • Read and understand the Massachusetts ABE Curriculum Framework for English for Speakers of Other Languages (2005) http://www.doe.mass.edu/acls/frameworks/frameworks.html)and the MA Professional Standards for Teachers: Adult ESOL (http://www.doe.mass.edu/acls/pd/). Familiarize yourself with the CCRS.
  • Stay current in research on adult learners and familiarize yourself to the needs and interests of adult students.
  • Read through the sample MVALP lesson plan folder at your level
  • Use the MVALP lesson plans developed for your class Or
  • Use the MVALP lesson plan template and write a student-centered lesson plan for each class (or unit). Keep them in an organized folder and hand in at end of year.
  • Conduct a Needs & Goals Analysis during the first week of your class
  • Prepare and teach units designed to develop English language skills in the context of practical life situations, and in response to students’ specific work, educational, family, and community needs and goals. Utilize the ACLS and CCRS benchmarks as a guide.
  • Facilitate English language activities that enable students to develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to become more active community members.
  • Provide opportunities for structured speaking and listening practice, as well as reading and writing practice
  • Provide classroom activities that address the learning styles of all students; whole class instruction, group and pair work, individual attention, tactile, visual, auditory, etc.
  • Foster a comfortable and respectful classroom environment that will provide the support and encouragement to build student confidence
  • Work with students to identify strengths and weaknesses, set realistic goals, and regularly assess their progress in reaching these goals.
  • Document student progress through quizzes, student self-assessments, writing assignments, and worksheets. Keep a portfolio of work for each student.
  • Assist in initial and ongoing student assessment and registration.
  • Assist student goal setting and achievement.
  • Document own professional development hours and complete all required paperwork.
  • Attend all staff meetings.



  • An understanding of how languages are taught and learned
  • Teaching and curriculum development experience
  • Experience working with adult learners and diverse populations
  • Excellent oral, and written communication skills
  • Master’s Degree preferred
Tech/Media Assistant

Tech/Media Assistant
Part-time – as needed position
Martha’s Vineyard Adult Learning Program

Provide technical training and support to staff/students.
Troubleshoot software issues

Required Skills:

  • Reliability
  • Excellent Communication/Ability to teach others
  • Knowledge of Macs and PCs
  • Clear understanding of computer networking and applications
  • Proficiency in all aspects of Microsoft Office including Word, Power Point, Excel
  • Proficiency with Movie Maker, Video Conferencing, Facebook, Webpage management
  • Three or more years of experience

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